Laurent Bannwarth

The story of Laurent Bannwarth begins in the middle of the last century in the village of Obermorschwihr located in the Haut-Rhin of Alsace. Laurent Bannwarth and his wife Suzanne created and developed the estate in the 1950’s. Their passion for wine trickled down to their son Stéphane, who joined the family business in 1987. Since then, Stéphane has become the head winemaker and his wife and sister Geneviève and Régine, lead the estate’s business operations. Each member of the family contributes their own personal skill sets to the success of the estate. Their wines are the expression of the Alsatian terroir, their biodynamic principles, and the savoir-faire of the entire family.

The Bannwarths take attentive care of their vineyard, all while respecting the environment. Since 2004, their use of biodynamic principles enables their vines to give the best of themselves, while sustaining the potential of the their terroirs for future generations. The quality of their wines are the result of rigorous and careful work in the cellar. Throughout the fermentation and aging process, they favor natural processes with very little intervention in the cellar. The Bannwarth family pushes the boundaries of traditional Alsatian wine-making by implying new, non-traditional vinification methods to obtain more daring wines. A true testament to this practice is found in their Gewurztraminer pét-nats and natural Qvevri wines, fermented in large Georgian jars without the use of sulfites.