The Domaine Fontaine de Grives is situated on an estate of 6.8 hectares located in the Périgord, south of Bergerac in the town of Thenac. Winemaker Benoît Perisse produces red, white and sparkling wines. His red wines are produced with middle-aged Merlot vines planted on clay-loam soils. The whites come from old Sauvignon and Semillon roots planted on clay-limestone soils. He also uses Cabernet Sauvignon grapes to produce his pet-nats. Benoît has eight rows of an old grape called Bouchales, which he nicknamed GRAPPU, which is used to produce what he calls the “ vintage of the bird”. Benoît is a up and coming winemaker in the Dordogne region determined to make a name for himself, and his high quality wines.