The story of AMI began when Willy, a talented winemaker met
Paul, a passionate farmer. AMI is not only a Domaine, it is also an adventure with the ambition to create seductive, warm, and meaningful wines.Willy is the winemaker, and after having gained experience at the Domaine De Montille, he went on to make the wines at Clos du Moulin aux Moines in the appellation of Auxey-Duresses. Rich with these experiences, he has a deep knowledge of the terroirs of the Côte de Beaune. AMI for him is the opportunity to be his own winemaker. Paul is the gentleman farmer. Having worked as a sommelier, he quickly developed skills in the art of blind tasting in London and Paris. For AMI, he is the link between the city and the countryside. His passion for wines of character led him to work with talented winemakers such as Oronce de Beler and Dominique Hauvette. Paul and Willy have been working together now for several years years.Their domain was born from the will to link their passions and their friendship.