Sébastien Agelet is winemaker in Paziols located in the Aude, 15 km from the sea between Leucate and Perpignan. He used to bring his family grapes to the cooperative in the Corbières until one day, he said enough is enough, and began making his own wine with passion. In 2012 he renamed his estate De Mena, which in Catalan means "by nature". Mena by itself is an expression that means “without a doubt”. Sébastien feels it’s without a doubt by nature that he ended up working the vines and making wine. He also feels as though he is paying tribute to his family by making incredible wine with the land that he inherited. Having already been deep in the winemaking scene for 10 years and working his family’s vineyards, Sébastien truly has the savoir faire of his craft. His vineyards are in the process of being converted to organic and biodynamic principles and certifications. His vinification methods are close to "nature" with no or little sulfur added in the bottling process. Sébastien is a winemaker of discretion and a man with high sensitivity and talent who is shaking up the traditional way of making wine in his region.