Our goal at Selection Sauvage is to import the highest quality craft wines we can find. Adventurers at heart, we are committed to scouring various wine regions of the world to find the best natural wines available. If it’s well made and highly drinkable wine, we do our best to get our hands on it. We work exclusively with small, family-owned wineries that farm organically or biodynamically, without the use of artificial chemicals or pesticides. Made using traditional winemaking methods with low intervention in the cellar, their wines are naturally fermented, handcrafted, and untamed. We love vins vivants made with clean and conscious principles and we hope you have the opportunity to enjoy them with us soon.



Born in France and raised in Sedona, Arizona, Timo spent most of his childhood and adolescence traveling between France and the United States. After high school, Timo had the opportunity to travel around the world to explore new cultures and himself before committing to a college education. Among countless adventures, he found himself living in the south of Spain for a year. Upon returning to the US, while diving into his studies at a university, Timo worked at high-end farm-to-table restaurants to make ends meet, where he quickly developed a passion for wine and gastronomy. Before long, Timo finished his Bachelor’s degree and passed the CMS Certified Sommelier Exam. Inspired to reconnect with his roots, Timo decided to return to France to figure out his next step. He took on a viticulture and vinification internship during les vendanges at a family-owned organic winery in Alsace, which helped him realize he wanted to work with good people making good wine. Selection Sauvage was born when the idea of combining a love for wine and a love for adventure came to him.